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66AK2L06XCMSA2-Multicore DSP+ARM KeyStone II System-on-Chip (SoC)

The 66AK2L06 KeyStone SoC is a member of the C66x family based on TI's new KeyStone II Multicore SoC Architecture and is a low-power solution with integrated JESD204B lanes that meets the more stringent power, size, and cost requirements of applications requiring connectivity with ADC and DAC based applications. The device’s ARM and DSP cores deliver exceptional processing power on platforms requiring high signal and control processing.

TI’s KeyStone II Architecture provides a programmable platform integrating various subsystems (ARM CorePac, C66x CorePacs, IP network, Digital Front End, and FFT processing) and uses a queue-based communication system that allows the SoC resources to operate efficiently and seamlessly. This unique SoC architecture also includes a TeraNet switch that enables the wide mix of system elements, from programmable cores to dedicated coprocessors and high-speed IO, to each operate at maximum efficiency with no blocking or stalling.

The addition of the ARM CorePac in the 66AK2L06 device enables the ability for complex control code processing on-chip. Operations such as housekeeping and management processing can be performed with the Cortex-A15 processor.

TI’s new C66x core launches a new era of DSP technology by combining fixed-point and floating-point computational capability in the processor without sacrificing speed, size, or power consumption. The raw computational performance is an industry-leading 38.4 GMACS/core and 19.2 Gflops/core (@ 1.2 GHz operating frequency). The C66x is also 100% backward compatible with software for C64x+ devices. The C66x CorePac incorporates 90 new instructions targeted for floating point (FPi) and vector math oriented (VPi) processing.

The 66AK2L06 contains many coprocessors to offload the bulk of the processing demands of higher layers of application. This keeps the cores free for algorithms and other differentiating functions. The SoC contains multiple copies of key coprocessors such as the FFTC. The architectural elements of the SoC (Multicore Navigator) ensure that data is processed without any CPU intervention or overhead, allowing the system to make optimal use of its resources.

TI’s scalable multicore SoC architecture solutions provide developers with a range of software-compatible and hardware-compatible devices to minimize development time and maximize reuse.

The 66AK2L06 device has a complete set of development tools that includes: a C compiler, an assembly optimizer to simplify programming and scheduling, and a Windows and Linux debugger interface for visibility into source code execution.

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