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Evaluation Module BoosterPack for Current Sensor and Voltage Monitor with SPI

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Texas Instruments BOOST-LMP92064EVM

The BOOST-LMP92064EVM is a demonstration board for the LMP92064, a precision low-side digital current sensor and voltage monitor with a digital SPI interface. The evaluation board features digital isolators on the SPI lines that provide galvanic isolation for applications where the ground of the system being monitored and the ground of the monitor may be at different potential, like an isolated power supply.

The BOOST-LMP92064EVM is designed to operate with a Texas Instruments MSP430 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430F5529LP) connected to a PC. The LaunchPad is purchased separately and more information can be found at A graphical user interface (GUI) is available for installation on a Windows PC. The GUI provides access to the registers of the LMP92064, allows reading simultaneously converted current and voltage data from the LMP92064 and plots it on-screen.

One side of the digital isolators is powered from the LaunchPad, which is connected to a USB port. The power monitoring side of the EVM is designed to be powered from the same supply bus that is being monitored. An on-board step-down converter circuit designed to operate in the 12V to 48V supply range converts the bus voltage to a level suitable for the LMP92064.

The board is pre-assembled with a current sense resistor for out-of-the-box readiness.

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