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BQ24765EVM-EV2300 bundle:
  • BQ24765EVM-BQ24765 Evaluation Module for SMBus Controlled Battery Charger with Integrated FETs
  • EV2300-USB-Based PC Interface Board for Battery Fuel (Gas) Gauge Evaluation

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BQ24765EVM-EV2300 Bundle


The bq24765 evaluation module is a complete charger module for evaluating a multi cell integrated power MOSFETs synchronous notebook charge using the bq24765 devices. It is designed to deliver up to 8A of charge current to Li-Ion or Li-Pol applications. The charge current is programmable by SBS-like SMBus interface. The bq24765’s frequency is 700 kHz for small inductor The bq24765 has a highly integrated battery charge controller designed to work with external host commands. The charge voltage, charge current, and input current are programmable via SBS-like SMBus interface. The dynamic power management (DPM) function modifies the charge current depending on system load conditions, avoiding ac adapter overload. High accuracy current sense amplifiers enable accurate measurement of the ac adapter current, allowing monitoring of overall system power.

Bundled with

The EV2300 is a USB-based interface board for a PC that can be used to evaluate battery fuel gauge circuits designed with Texas Instruments' ICs. The EV2300 has connections on it for a USB cable and also accepts inputs from a battery fuel gauge circuit's communication port (SMBus or HDQ). By running the appropriate PC software for the corresponging fuel gauge IC, the EV2300 interface board allows the user to evaluate the battery fuel gauge circuit.

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