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CC2530 ZigBee Light Link Development Kit

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Texas Instruments CC2530ZDK-ZLL more details

The CC2530 ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) development kit contains 3 LED lamps and one remote control. The kit is intended for customers who would like to evaluate ZLL lighting control for LED light products, and develop simple applications and demos based on this standard.

The kit contains everything needed to set up a ZLL network and control the lamps with the remote control. The easy-to-use remote control can target the lamps individually, or as a group. It can turn them on and off, and change color, intensity and saturation.

You will find more information about the ZLL kit on the wiki. The wiki contains tools and application examples that can be used to control more advanced features of the ZLL lighting control protocol, and to develop demos for direct wireless control or internet cloud based control.

Learn more on the wiki at

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