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Component 1:
  • CC2650RC-SimpleLink™ Bluetooth® low energy/ZigBee® RF4CE™ CC2650 remote control with voice support - ($49.00)
  • CC-DEVPACK-DEBUG-SimpleLink SensorTag Debugger DevPack - ($10.00)

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CC2650RC + Debugger DevPack Bundle

This bundle is for those who have already purchased the full development bundles below and would like an additional remote with a remote debugger:
  • CC2650RC-BLEDEV – CC2650RC Bluetooth® low energy Remote Control Development Bundle
  • CC2650RC-RF4CEDEV – CC2650RC ZigBee® RF4CE™ Remote Control Development Bundle
This CC2650RC-DEBUG bundle includes both the:
  • CC2650RC - SimpleLink™ Bluetooth low energy/ZigBee RF4CE CC2650 Remote Control With Voice Support
  • CC-DEVPACK-DEBUG - SimpleLink SensorTag Debugger DevPack
The CC2650RC supports development of remote controls with voice including:
  • Bluetooth low energy (CC2640)
  • ZigBee RF4CE (CC2620)
  • Multi-standard (CC2650)
Please visit on how to get started with TI SimpleLink’s wireless MCUs for remote controls including CC2640, CC2620 and CC2650.
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