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DK-LM3S9B96-FPGA-Stellaris FPGA Expansion Board

The Stellaris® FPGA Expansion Board (DK-LM3S9B96-FPGA) from Texas Instruments is an optional expansion board which connects directly to the External Peripheral Interface (EPI) port of the Stellaris DK-LM3S9B96 (or DK-LM3S9D96) development board to demonstrate the machine-to-machine (M2M), high-bandwidth, parallel interface capability of the Stellaris microcontroller. Right out of the box, users are able to control and display the FPGA expansion board’s camera-captured video on the DK-LM3S9B96 (or DK-LM3S9D96) development board’s large, 3.5-inch touchscreen display.

Users can explore and prototype the EPI port’s many options and select the one best for their application by testing their own code on the Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA.

The DK-LM3S9B96 (or DK-LM3S9D96) development board (sold separately) provides a complete platform for evaluating the LM3S9000 series of Stellaris microcontrollers, featuring extensive connectivity options such as 10/100 Ethernet, Controller Area Network (CAN), Universal Serial Bus (USB) Full Speed On-The-Go, and Inter-IC Sound (I2S).

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