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DRV8837CEVM-DRV8837C 1-A Low-Voltage H-Bridge Driver Evaluation Module

The DRV8837CEVM evaluation module (EVM) is a 3.3 V to 11 V, 1 A, brushed DC motor drive and control system based on the DRV8837C integrated brushed motor driver, compact MSP430G2131 microcontroller, and LP2985 Low-Dropout Regulator. The EVM allows for simple evaluation of the DRV8837C with a wide array of testpoints, interfaces, and configurability.

The EVM has an Micro-USB connector for simple 5 V motor supply, a regulated 3.3 V supply from the LP2985 LDO, test points for all control and feedback signals, and simple integrated control logic on the MSP430G2131. The EVM has simple jumper interfaces to control the motor direction and evaluate the DRV8837C in its low power sleep state.  An onboard JTAG header allows for custom firmware to be flashed to the MSP430G2131 for fast evaluation of end system control.  This EVM is ideal for evaluation and rapid developmet with the DRV8837C.
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