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DS34RT110-EVKH: HDMI Single Repeater Demo Kit for HDMI Cables

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Texas Instruments DS34RT5110-EVKH

The DS34RT5110-EVKH HDMI Cable Extender Demo Kit provides a complete HDMI system extension solution using TI's DS34RT5110 - a DVI, HDMI Retimer with Input Equalization and Output De-Emphasis.

Two HDMI female connectors are used as the input and the output connections for a HDMI system.

The DDC signals are connected through an I2C buffer.

The Hot Plug, 5V Power and 5V Ground are directly connected between the HDMI connectors, making this demo kit HDCP compliant.

A 3.3V VCC 1-pin header (J22) and a GND 1-pin header (J23) are used for the power supply.

Alternately, an AC/DC power adapter (>800mA) is required for the evaluation kit to provide 5V DC voltage for easy portability. A 1.8mm DC Power Jack is used to connect the AC/DC Power Adapter. TI's LP3965, a 3.3V, 1500mA, Fast, Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator, converts the 5V power supply voltage to a 3.3V power supply voltage that powers the DS34RT5110.

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