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DS90UB914A-CXEVM-FPD-Link III Deserializer EVM

The Texas Instruments DS90UB914A_CXEVM evaluation module (EVM) helps system designers evaluate the operation and performance of the DS90UB914A-Q1 25MHz-100MHz FPD-Link III Deserializer (DES). The device translates a high-speed serialized FPD-Link III interface transported over a single 50 ohm coax cable into 10/12 bits of LVCMOS data.

The DS90UB914A-CXEVM board features an SMB at the FPD-Link III input and a 0.1” IDC connector interface connector for the LVCMOS outputs.

Included with the EVM is a USB2ANY interface dongle. The USB2ANY can be used to communicate with the DS90UB914A-CXEVM board or a paired serializer through I2C. This dongle connects to a PC through a standard USB interface and should be used in conjunction with the TI Analog LaunchPad (ALP) software.

The EVM contains one deserializer device and one USB2ANY dongle.

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