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RGZ | 48


T (-40 to 105)

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Green (RoHS & no Sb/Br)

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DS90UB936TRGZTQ1-1MP MIPI CSI-2 FPD-Link III Deserializer for 1MP/60fps & 2MP/30 fps

The DS90UB936-Q1 is a versatile deserializer capable of receiving serialized sensor data from source through an FPD-Link III interface. When paired with a DS90UB935-Q1 serializer, the DS90UB936-Q1 receives data from imagers supporting up to 2.528 Gbps CSI-2 throughput. The DS90UB936-Q1 may also be used with other compatible serializers such as the DS90UB933-Q1, and DS90UB913A-Q1. When configuring the CSI-2 interface for 2-lane operation, a duplicate MIPI CSI-2 clock lane is available to provide a replicated output. Replication mode creates two copies of the video stream for data logging and parallel processing.

The DS90UB935/936-Q1 chipset is AEC-Q100 qualified and designed to receive data across either 50-Ω single-ended coaxial or 100-Ω differential STP cables. AEC-Q100 qualification includes device temperature grade 2 (–40℃ to +105℃ ambient operating temperature range), device HBM ESD classification level ±4.5 kV, and device CDM ESD classification level C5. The deserializer hub is ideal for Power-over-Coax applications and the receive equalizer automatically adapts to compensate for cable loss characteristics with no additional programming required, including cable degradation over time.

Each FPD-Link III interface includes a separate low latency bidirectional control channel (BCC) that continuously conveys I2C, GPIO, and other control information. GPIO signals purposed for sensor synchronization and diagnostic features also make use of the BCC.

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