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DV2000S1-BQ2000 Evaluation Module for Multi-Chemistry, switchmode

The DV2000S1 is a complete development and evaluation environment for bq2000 multi-chemistry charge-control ICs. The DV2000S1 supports up to 4 Li-Ion or 10 NiCd/NiMH cells and can be user-programmed for other cell counts.

Charge qualification precedes fast charge. During qualification, full-charge current is inhibited if the battery voltage or temperature is outside predetermined and user-defined thresholds, indicating a battery pack that is deeply discharged, shorted, hot, or cold. During the qualification interval, the LED flashes at a 1Hz rate. In the case of a low battery voltage, the IC applies a low-current trickle charge in an attempt to revive the battery or to close the pack protector's discharge switch. When battery voltage and temperature reach the required thresholds, full charge begins.

The bq2000 completes the fast charge with the appropriate charge algorithm. If the voltage on BAT input rises to the internal VMCV threshold, the IC assumes a Li-Ion battery. Otherwise, the bq2000 assumes NiCd/NiMH chemistry. The user can further customize the algorithm by programming the device for top-off option (NiCd/NiMH only) and time-out period.

Please review the bq2000 data sheet before using the DV2000S1 board.

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