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Evaluation Module for Lead Acid, switchmode BQ2031

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Texas Instruments DV2031S2

The DV2031S2 Development System provides a development environment for the bq2031 Lead-Acid Fast-Charge IC. The DV2031S2 incorporates a bq2031 in a buck-type switch-mode regulation mode to provide fast-charge control for 2, 3, 4, or 6 lead-acid cells.

The DV2031S2 can be configured for three different charge algorithms with jumpers JP1 and JP3. The charge algorithms available are

  • Two-step voltage
  • Two-Step current
  • Pulsed current

Each algorithm consists of pre-charge qualification, fast charge, and maintenance charge periods.

Fast charge termination occurs on:

  • Maximum voltage
  • The second difference of cell voltage (D2V)
  • Minimum current
  • Maximum time-out

The maintenance charge may be configured for either a regulated float voltage or a pulsed current.

The user provides a DC power supply and batteries and configures the board for the number of cells, the minimum current threshold, and the LED display mode. The board has direct connections for the battery and the provided thermistor.

Before using the DV2031S2 board, please review the bq2031 data sheet and the application note entitled "Using the bq2031 to Charge Lead-Acid Batteries."

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