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LM2743-19AEVAL-Low Voltage N-Channel MOSFET Synchronous Buck Regulator Controller Evaluation Module

This application notes describes the LM2743 printed circuit board (PCB) design and provides an example typical application circuit. The LM2743 is a voltage mode PWM buck controller which implements synchronous rectification. It provides a low cost, high power density, and efficient point of load solution. In steady state operation the LM2743 is always synchronous, even at no load, thus simplifying the compensation design. The current limit protection does not require a current limit resistor in the power path, but is achieved by sensing the voltage VDS across the low side MOSFET. Though the control sections of the IC are rated for 3 to 6V (VCC), the driver sections are designed to accept input supply rails (VIN) as high as 16V.

Specifics Of The Board
This demo board targets the fixed and mobile telecommunications, industrial electronics, and distributed power markets. The demo board has a VIN range of 8V to 14V and a LDO regulator, the LP2937, powers VCC by regulating a 5V output voltage. The LM2743 regulates to an output range of 1.2V to 3.3V at 19A with a switching frequency of 300 kHz. Note, the demo board is optimized for the above parameters, thus for additional design modifications refer to the Design Consideration section of the LM2743 data sheet. The PCB is designed on four layers, the top and bottom layers are 2oz. copper and the two inner layers are 1oz. copper. The board measures 2.19 in. x 1.03 in. x 0.41 in. (56 mm x 26.2 mm x 10.3 mm) (l, w, h) on a FR4 laminate.

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