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S (-30 to 85)

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Current Regulated Switched Capacitor LED Supply with Analog and PWM Brightness Control

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Texas Instruments LM2794TL/NOPB

The LM2794/95 is a fractional CMOS charge-pump that provides four regulated current sources. It accepts an input voltage range from 2.7V to 5.5V and maintains a constant current determined by an external sense resistor.

The LM2794/5 delivers up to 80mA of load current to accommodate four White LEDs. The switching frequency is 325kHz. (min.) to keep the conducted noise spectrum away from sensitive frequencies within portable RF devices.

Brightness can be controlled by both linear and PWM techniques. A voltage between 0V and 3.0V may be applied to the BRGT pin to linearly vary the LED current. Alternatively, a PWM signal can be applied to the SD pin to vary the perceived brightness of the LED. The SD pin reduces the operating current to 2.3µA (typ.) The LM2794 is shut down when the SD pin is low, and the LM2795 is shut down when the SD pin is high.

The LM2794/95 is available in a DSBGA CSP package.

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