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LM3492AR111DEMO/NOPB-LM3492 AR111 LED Bulb Replacement Reference Board

The LM3492 demonstration board included in this package is designed for converting nominal 12VAC from electronic transformer output to drive seven series connected LEDs at 360- mA average current. The end user can directly light up a LED string through the demonstration board from an electronic transformer to test out the performance. With the demonstration board, the LED string not only runs at a constant current but also flicker free operation. The LM3492 switching frequency is set at a nominal 1MHz. This is a two layer board using the top layer for component placement and both layers for trace routing. A bill of materials below describes the parts used on the demonstration board. A schematic and layouts have also been included below. For detailed information regarding the LM3492 device, please refer to the LM3492 data sheet.

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