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36V High Performance, High Fidelity Dual Audio Operational Amplifier (8-pin, SOIC Package)

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Texas Instruments LME49725MABD

The LMxx Evaluation Board, as shown in Figure 1, is a complete PCBA (printed circuit board assembly). The board has a USB connector, a voltage regulator circuit, a microcontroller, an EEPROM, and a LMxx Remote Diode Temperature Sensor. A schematic and bill of materials is included in this User’s Guide. Figure 1 shows the location of pin1 for the device under test. The LMxxEVAL kit includes the SensorEval software, which is provided by Texas Instruments to communicate with the LMxx Evaluation Board by way of the USB cable (not provided) from the controlling computer. The SensorEval software is used to control the writing and reading of the digital registers in the LMxx for doing the initial register setup, reading the local and remote temperatures, establishing certain temperature limit setpoints.

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