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LMR24220RB/NOPB-LMR24220 5-Watt Multi-Rail Power Supply Reference Board

The LMR24220 Multi-Rail reference board implements an extremely compact solution. It is designed to convert from 12V or 24V rails down to typical point-of-load voltages of 3.3V, 1.8V and 1.2V. This design utilizes an LMR24220 Nano Regulator and two LMZ10501 Nano Modules to demonstrate a complete solution for space constrained multi-rail applications. The LMR24220 Nano Regulator is ideal for intermediate rail conversions and can withstand input voltages up to 42V. It uses a constant on-time (COT) with emulated ripple mode architecture that requires no loop compensation and allows the use of low ESR ceramic capacitors. To further reduce conducted noise on the input supply a pi filter has been implemented on the LMR24220. The LMZ10501 Nano Module is ideal at the point-of-load and uses a current mode architecture combined with an integrated inductor for high efficiency, low noise, and low EMI. The complete solution size is 20.32 mm x 13.34 mm x 2 mm with all components placed on a single side. The board can be plugged into a standard 8-pin header with 100 mil spacing and total thickness less than 100 mils for ease of prototyping.

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