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LMR61428XMMEVM/NOPB-LMR61428 Evaluation Module

Introduction The LMR61428 evaluation module is designed to provide the power supply design engineer with a fully functional regulator design. The evaluation module takes the input from a single Li-Ion battery and boosts the voltage up to 5V at a constant load capability of 500mA. The switching frequency of the boost regulator is set to about 1200 kHz which helps in reducing the solution size and keeping switching noise out of the AM radio band. The printed circuit board consists of 4 layers of copper on FR4 material. The first middle layer is a solid ground layer which helps in minimizing the AC current loop. This user's guide contains the evaluation module schematic, a quick setup procedure using a bench power supply, and a Bill-of-Materials (BOM). Refer to the LMR61428 datasheet for complete circuit design information.
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