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LMR64010XMFDEMO/NOPB-LMR64010 SIMPLE SWITCHER® 40Vout, 1A Step-Up Regulator in SOT-23 Demo Board

The LMR62014 and LMR64010 are high frequency switching boost regulators which offer small size and high power conversion efficiency. The parts operate at a 1.6MHz switching frequency. The primary difference between the LMR62014 and LMR64010 is that the LMR62014 has a higher current internal switch FET (with lower breakdown voltage), while the LMR64010 has a higher voltage FET which handles less current. The LMR64010 targets applications with higher output voltages, while the LMR62014 is intended for applications requiring higher load currents at lower output voltages. This application note describes the demo board supplied to demonstrate the operation of these parts and give information on its usage.

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