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LV32EVK01/NOPB-LV32EVK01 Evaluation Kit

The LV32EVK01 is an easy to use evaluation kit for the DS92LV3221, DS92LV3222, DS92LV3241 and DS92LV3242 Channel Link II Serializers and Deserializers. This kit allows for the evaluation of high speed data links ranging from 640 Mbps to 2.72 Gbps over low cost cables. The transmitter board accepts 32 bits of LVCMOS data signals from an incoming data source along with the clock signal. The serializer converts the LVCMOS parallel lines into four serialized CML data pairs with an embedded clock. Additional encoding, including data randomization, DC- Balancing and bit shuffling, allow the serializer to connect to the deserializer through AC-coupled interfaces. The receiver board accepts the CML serialized data streams with embedded clock and converts the data back into parallel LVCMOS data signals and clock. The embedded clock allows the deserializer to lock onto the incoming data without the need for a reference clock or oscillator. The deserializer also features an integrated deskew circuit which allows the device to compensate for large amounts of cable skew in the serial interconnect.
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