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MSP-FET430U64C - Bundle:
  • MSP-TS430RGC64C-MSP430F52xx 64-Pin Target board only
  • MSP-FET-MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool

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MSP-FET430U64C-MSP430F52xx 64-Pin Package Board and USB Programmer

MSP-FET430U64C should be used to evaluate MSP430F52xx in 64-pin RGC (VQFN) package.

The MSP-FET430U64C is a powerful tool that includes the hardware and software required to complete much of your application development work. The flash memory can be erased and programmed in seconds with only a few keystrokes, and since the MSP430 flash is extremely low power, no external power supply is required. Only MSP430F5229 samples are included with this kit. For MSP430F523x, MSP430F524x and MSP430F5259 devices please order free samples from product page.

The tool has an integrated software environment and connects directly to the USB port of a PC which greatly simplifies the set-up and use of the tool. The flash development tool supports development with the MSP430 flash parts in 64 pin QFN packages (TI package code: RGC).

Looking for a version of this tool without the FET? Try the MSP-TS430RGC64C.

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