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MSP430 OTP & UV-EPROM Serial Programmer

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Texas Instruments MSP-PRGS430

Note: The PRGS PC-side software will not be updated for device updates. Instead, the stand-alone .cfg file will be updated. It should be downloaded and replace the one installed in \ADT430\PRGS\

The PRGS430 serial programming adapter is a legacy programming tool that can be used to program all OTP or UV-EPROM devices and some Flash devices. These devices can be programmed in-circuit or in stand-alone sockets and software is included to facilitate device programming.

Supported MSP430 Families:
E112, E3xx, P112, P3xx, C11xx, C3xx, C413, F11xx, F12xx, F13x, F14xx, F15x, F16xx, F21x1, F41x, F42x0,F42xA, F43x, F44x, FE42x, FE42xA, FE42x2, FW42x, FG43x

For newer device families the MSP-GANG Programmer should be used.

For Flash devices, the MSP-GANG can be used as an alternative to the PRGS430. The MSP-GANG allows for faster programming, supports up to 8 targets simultaneously and can be used in stand-alone operation. The MSP-GANG is available for $249.

External power supply is required and not included with MSP-PRGS430. The voltage of the power supply must be between 14 V and 20 V dc and must be capable of providing a minimum current of 200 mA.

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