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PDRV8304HRHAR-38V Three-Phase Smart Gate Driver With Three Current Shunt Amplifiers

The DRV8304 device is an integrated gate driver for 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors applications for 12-V and 24-V DC rails. These applications include field-oriented control (FOC), sinusoidal current control and trapezoidal current control of BLDC motors. The DRV8304 device integrates three current-sense amplifiers (CSA) for sensing the phase currents of BLDC motors for optimum FOC and current-control system implementation. An AUTOCAL feature automatically calibrates the CSA offset error for accurate current sensing.

The DRV8304 device is based on smart gate-drive (SGD) architecture to eliminate the need of any external gate components (resistors and Zener diodes) while fully protecting the external FETs. The SGD architecture optimizes dead time to avoid any shoot-through conditions, provides flexibility in reducing electromagnetic interference (EMI) by gate slew-rate control and protects against any gate-short conditions. Strong pulldown current also prevent any dv/dt gate turnon.

Various PWM control modes (1x, 3x, 6x, and independent) are supported for simple interfacing to control circuits which can be powered by the 30-mA, 3.3-V internal regulator. These modes minimize the number of output peripherals of the controller for the specific motor-control requirements and provide flexibility of control. The DRV8304 device also incorporates a 1x mode for sensored trapezoidal control of the BLDC motor by using the internal block-commutation table. The DRV8304 device can also be configured to drive multiple loads, such as solenoids, in independent mode.

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