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PGA450Q1EVM-S-PGA450-Q1 Small Form Factor Ultrasonic Sensing for Object/Proximity Detection Through Air Evaluation Module

The PGA450Q1EVM-S is a small form factor Evaluation Module (EVM) that allows users to evaluate the operation and performance of the PGA450-Q1 which is a system-on-chip analog IC that provides time-of-flight ultrasonic distance measurements. The small form factor layout of this EVM is equivalent to that of an end-product form factor, allowing users to easily integrate this PGA450-Q1 based sensor module in a real system without the need for additional prototypes. This means it is a fully assembled PCB design for real-world evaluation of the PGA450-Q1 ultrasonic IC, an ultrasonic transducer, and step-up transformer. It can be integrated with systems for general object detection, proximity or distance measurement through air, in  applications such as automotive park-assist, level sensing in large  tanks, collision avoidance for autonomous robotics, and unmanned aerial vehicle landing assist. This small form-factor EVM is intended to act as an ultrasonic module alternative to the full-scale PGA450Q1EVM.

TI recommends that the user first begins evaluation with the PGA450Q1EVM before transitioning to evaluation with the PGA450Q1EVM-S. Note: TIGER USB Communication Interface Board not included (not sold separately); must purchase PGA450Q1EVM to receive the included TIGER board to use PGA450Q1EVM GUI on PGA450Q1EVM-S platform.

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