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Q (-40 to 125)

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PINA190A3IRSWT-40V, Bi-Directional, Low-/High-Side, Zero-Drift, Voltage Output CSA w/low bias current and enable

The INA190 series of devices are voltage-output, current-shunt monitors (also called current-sense amplifiers). These devices are commonly used for overcurrent protection, precision current measurement for system optimization, or in closed-loop feedback circuits. This series of devices can sense drops across shunts at common-mode voltages from –0.2 V to +40 V, independent of the supply voltage. Five fixed gains are available: 25 V/V, 50 V/V, 100 V/V, 200 V/V, or 500 V/V. The low input bias current of the INA190 permits the use of larger current-sense resistors, thus providing accurate current measurements in the microamp range. The low offset voltage of the zero-drift architecture extends the dynamic range of the current measurement. This feature allows for smaller sense resistors with lower power loss, while still providing accurate current measurements.

These devices operate from a single 1.7-V to 5.5-V power supply, and draw a maximum of 65 µA of supply current when enabled; only 0.1 µA when disabled. All versions are specified over the extended operating temperature range of –40°C to +125°C, and offered in a UQFN package.

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