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PLM74700QDBVTQ1-Low Iq, Always On Ideal Diode Controller

The LM74700-Q1 ideal diode controller operates in conjunction with an external N-channel MOSFET as an ideal diode rectifier for low loss reverse polarity protection. The wide supply input range of 3 to 65 V allows control of many popular DC bus voltages. The device can withstand and protect the loads from negative supply voltages down to –65 V. With a low RDS(ON) external N-channel MOSFET, a very low forward voltage drop can be achieved while minimizing the amount of power dissipated in the MOSFET. For low load currents, the forward voltage is regulated to 20-mV to enable graceful shutdown of the MOSFET. External MOSFETs with 5 V or lower threshold voltage are recommended. With the enable pin low, the controller is off and draws approximately 3-µA of current.

The LM74700-Q1 controller provides a charge pump gate drive for an external N-channel MOSFET. The high voltage rating of LM74700-Q1 helps to simplify the system designs for automotive ISO7637 protection. Fast response to Reverse Current Blocking makes the device suitable for systems with output voltage holdup requirements during ISO7637 pulse testing as well as power fail and brownout conditions. The LM74700-Q1 is also suitable for ORing applications or AC rectification.

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