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PTMUX6104PWR-36-V, Low-Capacitance, Low-Leakage-Current, 4:1 Precision Analog Multiplexer

The TMUX6104 is a modern complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) analog multiplexer (mux). The TMUX6104 offers 4:1 single-ended switching, and works equally well with either dual supplies (±5 V to ±18 V) or a single supply (10 V to 36 V). The device also performs well with symmetric supplies (such as VDD = 12 V, VSS = –12 V), and unsymmetric supplies (such as VDD = 12 V,
VSS = –5 V). All digital inputs have TTL-logic compatible thresholds, ensuring both TTL and CMOS logic compatibility when operating in the valid supply voltage range.

The TMUX6104 has very low on and off leakage currents and ultra-low charge injection, allowing the device to be used in high precision measurement applications. The device also provides excellent isolation capability by blocking signal levels up to the supplies when the switches are in the OFF position. A low supply current of 17 µA enables usage in portable applications.

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