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The SD3GDAIII is a kit containing an evaluation board which is functionally an SDI Distribution Amplifier consisting of the LMH0395 cable equalizer, LMH0376 reclocker, and LMH0307 cable driver. It provides a serial interface for connection to a host computer along with a graphical user interface (GUI) program for configuring and monitoring the devices on the board.

The SD3GDAIII uses the LMH0376 reclocker, but this board with this reclocker may be used to evaluate the functionality of the LMH0366 reclocker as well. The LMH0376 and LMH0366 have the same reclocker core and FR4 equalizer block. The major differences between the two are that the LMH0376 has four SDI inputs and a 48-pin QFN package while the LMH0366 has a single SDI input and a 24-pin QFN package.

As shown in the functional block diagram, the LMH0395 cable equalizer receives the SDI input and compensates for the cable losses encountered between the signal source and the input. One copy of the equalized signal is sent directly to the LMH0376 reclocker, while the second goes to the second input of the reclocker via a media card which can introduce 25 cm, 50 cm, or 100 cm of PCB trace prior to the reclocker. After reclocking to remove accumulated jitter, the signal goes to the LMH0307 cable driver which provides four SDI outputs.

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