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SN65LVP16 Evaluation Module

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Texas Instruments SN65LVP16EVM

This Evaluation Module (EVM) facilitates the experimental testing of the Texas Instruments SN65LVP16 Repeater/Translator silicon device. This device accepts a single-ended low-voltage PECL input and translates it to a differential LV-PECL output level with 12 mA's of drive current.

The device operates at rates to 2.0 GHz at either 3.3 V or 2.5 V supply operation, with less than 23 ps of total jitter. The device output can be disabled to the high impedance state by applying a logic High level to the EN bar pin. This device also provides a voltage reference output (Vbb) of typically 1.35 V below Vcc for use in receiving single-ended PECL input signals. When not needed this O/P should be left open. A Gain Control input (GC), is provided for selecting output amplitudes from 300mV to 860mV on the /Q output.

This EVM has a crystal on board that when powered up supplies a signal to the SN65LVP16 device which provides a very clean differential LV-PECL 155.52 MHz signal at the J1 and J2 SMA output connectors.

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