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TAS5766MDCAEVM-EVM board for PurePath Smart Amp TAS5766M in TSSOP and Smart Amp Software Download

The TAS5766MDCAEVM allows evaluation of the TAS5766M and TAS5768M family of PurePath™ Smart Amp closed-loop, I2S-input amplifiers. It is populated with a TAS5766MDCA (48-pin HTSSOP package) device which allows operation from power supply voltages from 4.5V to 26.4V.

When combined with a PurePath™ Console Mother Board and PurePath™ Console GUI you have a complete audio evaluation system at your fingertips that allows audio inputs from a variety of sources to the TAS5766MDCAEVM, and a GUI to control the device and supporting circuitry.

To generate the parameters needed by the PurePath™ Smart Amp, a Speaker Characterization Board is also needed.

The EVM ships with the TAS5766MDCA installed. For evaluation of the other version, TAS5768MDCA, please order a free sample from our website, and replace the IC on the TAS5766MDCAEVM.

Clicking the Request button in this page provides access to the following hardware and software:

  • PurePath™ Console GUI
  • PurePath™ Smart Amp Plug-ins

The following TI tools (each ordered separately) are required to fully evaluate Smart Amp:

A full list of required items can be found in the PurePath™ Smart Amp Overview document.

NOTE: You must register to order the EVM, and to download the GUI. We strive to respond to all requests within three business days (usually the same day). However, if you don’t get a response within three business days, please post a request on e2e to let us know. Unfortunately, we don’t approve hobbyists or students for the PurePath™ Smart Amp tools.

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