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DW | 20


I (-40 to 85)

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Green (RoHS & no Sb/Br)


8-Bit, 25kSPS ADC Serial-Out, On-Chip 11-Ch. Analog MUX

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Texas Instruments TLC542CDW

The TLC542 is a CMOS converter built around an 8-bit switched-capacitor successive-approximation analog-to-digital converter. The device is designed for serial interface to a microprocessor or peripheral via a 3-state output with three inputs [including I/O CLOCK, CS\ (chip select), and ADDRESS INPUT]. The TLC542 allows high-speed data transfers and sample rates of up to 40,000 samples per second. In addition to the high-speed converter and versatile control logic, an on-chip 12-channel analog multiplexer can sample any one of 11 inputs or an internal self-test voltage, and the sample and hold is started under microprocessor control. At the end of conversion, the end-of-conversion (EOC) output pin goes high to indicate that conversion is complete.

The converter incorporated in the TLC542 features differential high-impedance reference inputs that facilitate ratiometric conversion, scaling, and isolation of analog circuitry from logic and supply noises. A switched-capacitor design allows low-error (±0.5 LSB) conversion in 20 us over the full operating temperature range.

The TLC542C is characterized for operation from 0°C to 70°C and the TLC542I is characterized for operation from \x9640°C to 85°C. View datasheet
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