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DM648 Digital Video Development Platform

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Texas Instruments TMDSDVP648

DaVinci™ TMS320DM648 Digital Video Development Platform (DVDP) simplifies development of digital video applications. The DM648 DVDP provides developers with a comprehensive hardware and software platform that can be used throughout the entire design process to accelerate the development of a wide range of applications such as multi-channel video security and infrastructure applications, including digital video recorders (DVRs), IP video servers, machine vision systems and high-performance imaging applications.

The DM648 EVM offers multiple expansion slots for extending connectivity to virtually any hardware prototype or peripheral. The PCI Host Driver expands configuration options for developers by enabling them to plug the DM648 EVM directly into a PC to use the PC as a host during initial development before prototype hardware is designed and available. The EVM board is populated with a standard JTAG header for compatibility with XDS560-based emulators and the 60-pin high density trace connector for capturing real-time data values non-intrusively with the Blackhawk XDS560 Trace Emulator.

The DVDP includes TI’s field-proven DSP/BIOS™ kernel as well as the DSP/BIOS-based DVSDK. The DVSDK features TI’s Codec Engine Framework, xDAIS interface standard developers kit and framework components, XDC configuration tools and platform support such as drivers, examples and documentation. The DVSDK also includes a an evaluation version of the Network developers kit and a variety of A/V codec packaged to use with the codec engine framework.

The DM648 DVDP kit also contains demonstration software of a video server based on Ittiam’s Video Security Media System (VSMS). This video server demonstration consists of an 8-channel streaming server with H.264 BP at CIF-PAL and CIF-NTSC with Bit Optimal CBR (BOCBR) capability. BOCBR achieves higher storage efficiency. It optimizes bit allocation based on motion and can achieve zero bit consumption at user defined control point.

The demo comes in two configurations:
  • One supporting 8 camera inputs
  • The other supporting one camera and duplicating 8 instances of the video encoded and streamed (enabling multi-channel in the absence of 8 cameras).

VSMS has been optimized for the DaVinci architecture and supports configurable bit-rate, frame rate & resolution; any xDM compliant codec; multiple video, image, audio, speech coding standards and multiple streaming formats. In addition, VSMS is portable across the DaVinci generation.

Rounding out the software offering is SoC Analyzer, TI’s high-level system tuning and visibility tool which enables developers to visualize SoC streaming data rather than be limited to post-mortem static data analysis. By being able to capture and graphically display system interactions and load distribution, isolate bottlenecks, identify unexpected behaviors, and benchmark application performance, developers are able to maximize efficiency and overall performance while eliminating tedious manual data collection and comparison.

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