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Blackhawk USB JTAG Emulator

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Texas Instruments TMDSEMU2000U

The Stellaris® Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control Module (MDL-BLDC) is a four-quadrant controller for three-phase brushless DC motors rated at up to 36 V, 500 W, and 60,000 RPM. Key features of the RDK include complete CAN and Ethernet network interfaces, a powerful 32-bit Stellaris microcontroller with 256 Kbytes of single-cycle internal flash memory, and embedded software to optimally control a wide range of motors in diverse applications. The BLDC Motor Control module is a single board product provided in volume quantities, ready to integrate directly into your BLDC motor applications.

The BLDC Motor Control module centers around a Stellaris LM3S8971 microcontroller which handles all PWM synthesis, position, and analog sensing as well as Ethernet and CAN networking. Only a few additional power ICs are necessary to complete the design. The entire circuit is built on a simple two-layer printed circuit board. The design includes an on-board braking circuit, optional power-managed fan for forced-air cooling, analog and digital control inputs, and screw terminals for all power and signal wiring. Interrupt-driven embedded software provides four quadrant operation for precise motor control using Hall effect, quadrature, or sensorless operation modes.

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