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TMS320LF2407A eZdsp Starter Kit (DSK)

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Texas Instruments TMDSEZD2407

Host Platforms Supported: TMS320LF2407
Number of Processors: 1
Clock Speeds Available (MHz): 40 Mhz
Board Size: 83 x 146 mm (3.26 x 5.75 inches)
External Memory: Yes, 32K words program, 32K words data, 0 wait states
Expansion Options: 3 expansion connectors
Software Included: Drivers for Code Composer

If you are just starting the development process, the Quick Start Guide is a very useful document to begin with. It will walk you through the steps of making sure Code Composer is set up correctly to work with your new board. The Guide also contains the Real Time Monitor Tutorial (RTMON) which shows you how to run and debug using the watch windows and graphs in real time.

A collection of labs has been assembled so that you may come up to speed quickly on all of the beneficial features that the TMS320LF2407 eZdsp DSK has to offer. Specifically, they highlight the intended uses of the peripherals (create PWMs, convert with the ADC, and transmit/receive with the SPI and CPI). The .zip file contains the laboratory documentaion along with the .c and .asm files.

You can also download software from our Modular Software Library(C2000 TI Foundation Library). The software modules are FREE to download and are eXpressDSP compliant. Therefore, as you are writing your code, you can utilize these compliant softwaer modules and algorithms to speed up the development process because they are already done for you.

Also Available:
Downloadable Flash Programming Utilities

The LF2407 eZdsp is a self contained, standalone development platform for the TMS320LF2407 Fixed Point DSP. This unit has an embedded parallel port/IEEE 1149.1 scan controller enabling the user to perform true JTAG emulation. Because the eZdsp operates off the parallel printer port no internal adapter card is required. The eZdsp has 32K words of external program and 32K words of external data memory operating a zero wait states for easy debugging. Power is provided via a supplied AC adapter.

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