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TMS320F28075PZPS-Piccolo™ 32-bit MCU with 120 MHz, FPU, TMU, 512 KB Flash, CLA, SDFM

The TMS320F2807x microcontroller platform is part of the Piccolo™ family and is suited for advanced closed-loop control applications such as industrial motor drives; solar inverters and digital power; electrical vehicles and transportation; and sensing and signal processing. Complete development packages for digital power and industrial drives are available as part of the powerSUITE and DesignDRIVE initiatives.

The F2807x is a 32-bit floating-point microcontroller based on TI’s industry-leading C28x core. This core is boosted by the trigonometric hardware accelerator which improves performance of trigonometric-based algorithms with CPU instructions such as sine, cosine, and arctangent functions, which are common in torque-loop and position calculations.

The F2807x microcontroller family features a CLA real-time control coprocessor. The CLA is an independent 32-bit floating-point processor that runs at the same speed as the main CPU. The CLA responds to peripheral triggers and executes code concurrently with the main C28x CPU. This parallel processing capability can effectively double the computational performance of a real-time control system. By using the CLA to service time-critical functions, the main C28x CPU is free to perform other tasks, such as communications and diagnostics.

The F2807x device supports up to 512KB (256KW) of ECC-protected onboard flash memory and up to 100KB (50KW) of SRAM with parity. Two independent security zones are also available for 128-bit code protection of the main C28x.

The analog subsystem boasts up to three 12-bit ADCs, which enable simultaneous management of three independent power phases, and up to eight windowed comparator subsystems (CMPSSs), allowing very fast, direct trip of the PWMs in overvoltage or overcurrent conditions. In addition, the device has three 12-bit DACs, and precision control peripherals such as enhanced pulse width modulators (ePWMs) with fault protection, eQEP peripherals, and eCAP units.

Connectivity peripherals such as dual Controller Area Network (CAN) modules (ISO 11898-1/CAN 2.0B-compliant) and a USB 2.0 port with MAC and full-speed PHY let users add universal serial bus (USB) connectivity to their application.


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