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TPD3S714-Q1EVM-Evaluation Module for USB 2.0 Interface Protection w/Short-to-Battery & Short-to-Ground

The TPD3S714-Q1EVM contains four TPD3S714-Q1s. One TPD3S714-Q1 (U1) is configured with two USB2.0 Type A connectors (USB1 & USB2) for capturing system level tests. One TPD3S714-Q1 (U2) is configured with 4 SMA (S1 – S4) connectors to allow 4-port analysis with a vector network analyzer. One TPD3S714-Q1 (U3) is configured with test points for striking ESD to the protection pins. U3 is also configured for capturing clamping waveforms using J3 with an oscilloscope during an ESD test. One TPD3S714-Q1 (U4) is pinned out for device level tests.

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