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TPS2201IDBR-1A Dual-Slot PC Card Power Switch w/ Parallel Interface

The TPS2201 PC Card (PCMCIA) power interface switch provides an integrated power-management solution for two PC Cards. All of the discrete power MOSFETs, a logic section, current limiting, thermal protection, and power-good reporting for PC Card control are combined on a single integrated circuit (IC), using Texas Instruments LinBiCMOSTM process. The circuit allows the distribution of 3-V, 5-V and/or 12-V card power and is compatible with most PCMCIA controllers. The current-limiting feature eliminates the need for fuses, which reduces component count and improves reliability; current-limit reporting can help the user isolate a system fault to a bad card.

The TPS2201 maximizes battery life by generating its own switch-drive voltage using an internal charge pump. Therefore, the 12-V supply can be powered down and only brought out of standby when flash memory needs to be written to or erased. End equipment for the TPS2201 includes notebook computers, desktop computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), digital cameras, handiterminals, and bar-code scanners.

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