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TPS40222EVM-001-5V Input, 1.6A Non-Sync Buck Converter Evaluation Module

The TPS40222EVM-001 evaluation module (EVM) is a nonsynchronous buck converter with a 4.5 V to 8 V input range with a built-in N-channel power FET, that can deliver 1.6 A of output current. The EVM is designed to operate with a minimum of components and yet has the features of more complex buck converters. The TPS40222EVM-001 is designed to use a 4.5 to 8 V input voltage to produce a high-current, regulated 1.4 V output at up to 1.6 A of load current. This application board is designed to demonstrate the TPS40222 in a typical voltage bus to low-voltage application while providing a number of test points to evaluate the performance of the IC. Users can modify the EVM to support output voltages from 0.8 V to 6.3 V by changing a single resistor. The TPS402224EVM-001 was built to the application example used in the TPS40222 data sheet with the internal clock operating at 1.25 MHz.

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