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TPS7A3901DSCR-Dual, 150mA, Wide-Vin, Positive and Negative Low-Dropout (LDO) Voltage Regulator

The TPS7A39 device is a dual, monolithic, high-PSRR, positive and negative low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator capable of sourcing (and sinking) up to 150 mA of current. The regulated outputs can be independently and externally adjusted to symmetrical or asymmetrical voltages, making this device an ideal dual, bipolar power supply for signal conditioning.

Both positive and negative outputs of the TPS7A39 ratiometrically track each other during startup to mitigate floating conditions and other power-supply sequencing issues common in dual-rail systems. The negative output can regulate up to 0 V, extending the common-mode range for single-supply amplifiers. The TPS7A39 also features high PSRR to eliminate power-supply noise, such as switching noise, that can compromise signal integrity.

Both regulators are controlled with a single positive logic enable pin for interfacing with standard digital logic. A capacitor-programmable soft-start function controls in-rush current and start-up time. The internal reference voltage of the TPS7A39 can be overridden with an external reference to enable precision outputs, output voltage margining, or to track other power supplies. Additionally, the TPS7A39 has a buffered reference output that can be used as a voltage reference for other components in the system.

These features make the TPS7A39 a robust, simplified solution to power operational amplifiers, digital-to-analog converters (DACs), and other precision analog circuitry.

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