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UCC27321QDRQ1-Automotive 9A High Speed Low-Side MOSFET Driver With Enable

The UCC2732x-Q1 family of high-speed drivers delivers 9 A of peak drive current in an industry-standard pinout. These drivers can drive large MOSFETs for systems requiring extreme Miller current due to high dV/dt transitions. This eliminates additional external circuits and can replace multiple components to reduce space, design complexity, and assembly cost. Two standard logic options are offered, inverting (UCC27321-Q1) and noninverting (UCC27322-Q1).

Using a design that minimizes shoot-through current, the outputs of these devices can provide high gate drive current where it is most needed at the Miller plateau region during the MOSFET switching transition. A unique hybrid-output stage paralleling bipolar and MOSFET transistors (TrueDrive) allows efficient current delivery at low supply voltages. With this drive architecture, UCC2732x-Q1 can be used in industry standard 6-A, 9-A, and many 12-A driver applications. Latch-up and ESD protection circuits are also included. Finally, the UCC2732x-Q1 provides an enable (ENBL) function to better control the operation of the driver applications. ENBL is implemented on pin 3, which was previously left unused in the industry-standard pinout. It is internally pulled up to VDD for active-high logic and can be left open for standard operation.

In addition to 8-pin SOIC (D) package offerings, the UCC2732x-Q1 also comes in the thermally enhanced but tiny 8-pin MSOP-PowerPAD (DGN) package. The PowerPAD package drastically lowers the thermal resistance to extend the temperature operation range and improve long-term reliability.

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