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DGN | 8


S (-40 to 140)

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UCC27524A1QDGNRQ1-Automotive, Dual 5-A, High-Speed, Low-Side Gate Driver With Negative Input Voltage Capability

The UCC27524A1-Q1 device is a dual-channel, high-speed, low-side, gate-driver device capable of effectively driving MOSFET and IGBT power switches. The UCC27524A1-Q1 device is a variant of the UCC2752x family. The UCC27524A1-Q1 device adds the ability to handle –5 V directly at the input pins for increased robustness. The UCC27524A1-Q1 device is a dual, non-inverting driver. Using a design that inherently minimizes shoot-through current, the UCC27524A1-Q1 device is capable of delivering high-peak current pulses of up to 5-A source and 5-A sink into capacitive loads along with rail-to-rail drive capability and extremely small propagation delay (typically 13 ns). In addition, the drivers feature matched, internal-propagation delays between the two channels which are very well suited for applications requiring dual-gate drives with critical timing, such as synchronous rectifiers. This also enables connecting two channels in parallel to effectively increase current-drive capability or driving two switches in parallel with a single input signal. The input pin thresholds are based on TTL and CMOS compatible low-voltage logic, which is fixed and independent of the VDD supply voltage. Wide hysteresis between the high and low thresholds offers excellent noise immunity.

For protection purposes, internal pull-up and pull-down resistors on the input pins of the UCC27524A1-Q1 device ensure that outputs are held LOW when input pins are in floating condition. The UCC27524A1-Q1 device features enable pins (ENA and ENB) to have better control of the operation of the driver applications. The pins are internally pulled up to VDD for active-high logic and are left open for standard operation.

The UCC27524A1-Q1 devices is available in a MSOP-PowerPAD-8 with exposed pad (DGN) package.

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