CC2541 Bluetooth Smart Remote Control Kit
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The CC2541 Bluetooth Smart Remote Control Kit provides a reference platform for Bluetooth low energy remote control application development. It is based on the TI's industry leading CC2541 Bluetooth low energy device and contains the hardware and tools required for evaluating, developing, testing, and debugging remote control applications.

The kit includes an advanced programmable remote control capable of 6-axis motion sensing (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope), a USB dongle and a debugger.

The advanced remote and USB dongle come pre-programmed with their respective HID-over-GATT profile roles and HID report service, including keyboard, consumer control keys and mouse reports. The sample applications are included in the Bluetooth low energy software stack.

The advanced remote control can connect directly to a Bluetooth® Smart Ready device supporting HID-over-GATT, e.g. Windows 8. The USB dongle can be used as a bridge to interface to devices without Bluetooth® Smart Ready support, e.g. Windows 7.

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