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CC3100MODBOOST-SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 module BoosterPack


To update the CC3100 firmware, use radio performance tools, perform network processing logs for advanced debugging, or use TI’s SimpleLink™ Studio for CC3100 MCU emulator (PC-based), you will also need the Advanced Emulation BoosterPack (CC31XXEMUBOOST). It is recommended to have at least one CC31XXEMUBOOST board to update the firmware on CC3100MODBOOST kits. These kits are offered as a bundle at a discounted price on the TI Store.

CC3100 modules are Wi-Fi® CERTIFIED® and FCC/IC/CE/TELEC certified, which can be transferred to end products.

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 Module BoosterPack can be used to connect to TI LaunchPad evaluation kits (software examples provided for MSP-EXP430F5529LP and MSP-EXP430FR5969). With the Advanced Emulation BoosterPack (CC31XXEMUBOOST) CC3100BOOST can connect to a PC for MCU emulation and software development using SimpleLink Studio for CC3100 (available in the CC3100 SDK here). This kit can also be connected to other platforms through pins – use the programming guide for instructions on porting driver and sample code to any microcontroller.

This kit comes 3 configurations:

1. CC3100MODBOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST + MSP-EXP430FR5969: run sample software in the CC3100 software development kit (SDK) and develop on MSP430FR5969 MCU

2. CC3100MODBOOST + CC31XXEMUBOOST: used for any CC3100 module development

3. CC3100MODBOOST: standalone CC3100 BoosterPack purchase option if you already have CC31XXEMUBOOST

The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3100 solution gives the flexibility to add Wi-Fi to any microcontroller (MCU). This Internet-on-a-chip solution contains all you need to easily create IoT solutions – security, quick connection, cloud support, publicly available documentation, E2E support forums and more. For more information on CC3100, visit

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