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  • LAUNCHXL-F28377S-C2000 Delfino F28377S LaunchPad
  • BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV-Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack

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This bundle includes the C2000 Delfino F28377S LaunchPad and the Digital Power Buck BoosterPack.


LaunchXL-F28377S-C2000 Delfino F28377S LaunchPad


The C2000 Delfino LaunchPad is an inexpensive evaluation platform that provides designers with a low cost development kit for high performance digital control applications.  The LaunchPad is based on the Delfino TMS320F28377S MCU which provides 400MIPS of total system performance between a 200MHz C28x CPU and a 200MHz real-time control co-processor (CLA).  This powerful microcontroller contains 1MB of on-board flash and includes highly differentiated peripherals such as 12bit ADCs, comparators, DACs, delta-sigma sinc filters, HRPWMs, eCAPs, eQEPs, CANs, and more.


The LaunchPad board includes features such as integrated isolated XDS100v2 JTAG emulator for easy programming and debugging and also is compatible with the various BoosterPacks in the ecosystem.  Designers interested in learning digital power control using an MCU can plug in the digital power buck converter BoosterPack (BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV).


Getting started with software is easy with the application examples in controlSUITE.


Designers also have access to a complimentary full license of the latest version of Code Composer Studio IDE.



BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV-Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack


The Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack provides an introductory platform for learning the basics of digital power control.  When paired with the C2000™ Piccolo™ F28069M LaunchPad, this BoosterPack enables a full buck converter control system controlled by the C2000™ TMS320F28069 microcontroller. The buck converter power stage supports dynamic loads and converts an external 9V power supply to a configurable output voltage.


The Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack is supported by the C2000 Microcontroller family’s Digital Power software called powerSUITE. powerSUITE is a breakthrough set of tools that simplify design and help maximize performance of digital power supplies.


All of the design files and relevant code examples for the Digital Power Buck Converter BoosterPack are included for free in the C2000 MCU family’s controlSUITE™ software suite.

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