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Data SheetImagePart # DescriptionPackagePINOperating TemperatureProduct Page
BOOSTXL-K350QVG-S1 BOOSTXL-K350QVG-S1-Kentec QVGA Display BoosterPack
BQ27GDK000EVM BQ27GDK000EVM-Gauge Development Kit (GDK)
CAPTIVATE-METAL CAPTIVATE-METAL-Touch on Metal Capacitive Sensing Add-on Board for the CapTIvate™ Development Kit
CC1101DK433 CC1101DK433-CC1101 Development Kit 433MHz
CC1101DK868-915 CC1101DK868-915-CC1101 Development Kit 868-915MHz
CC1120DK CC1120DK-Performance Line Development Kit
CC1125DK CC1125DK-CC1125 Development Kit
CC11XLDK-868-915 CC11XLDK-868-915-Value Line Development Kit 868-915MHz
CC1200DK CC1200DK-CC1200 Development Kit
CC1310DK CC1310DK-SimpleLink™ Sub-1 GHz CC1310 Development Kit
CC1350STKEU CC1350STKEU-Simplelink CC1350 SensorTag Bluetooth and Sub-1GHz Long Range Wireless Development Kit
CC1350STKUS CC1350STKUS-Simplelink CC1350 SensorTag Bluetooth and Sub-1GHz Long Range Wireless Development Kit
CC2500-CC2550DK CC2500-CC2550DK-CC2500/CC2550DK Development Kit
CC2510-CC2511DK CC2510-CC2511DK-CC2510/CC2511 Development Kit
CC2520DK CC2520DK-CC2520 Development Kit
CC2530ZDK CC2530ZDK-CC2530 ZigBee Development Kit
CC2530ZDK-ZLL CC2530ZDK-ZLL-CC2530 ZigBee Light Link Development Kit
CC2533DK CC2533DK-CC2533 Development Kit
CC2538DK CC2538DK-CC2538 Development Kit
CC2540TDK-LIGHT CC2540TDK-LIGHT-Bluetooth Low Energy Light Development Kit
CC2541DK-MINI CC2541DK-MINI-CC2541 Mini Development Kit
CC2541DK-RC CC2541DK-RC-CC2541 Bluetooth Smart Remote Control Kit
CC2650DK CC2650DK-CC2650 Smart RF06 Development Kit

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