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Data SheetImagePart # DescriptionPackagePINOperating TemperatureProduct Page
EQ50F100LR/NOPB EQ50F100LR/NOPB-1Gbps - 6.25Gbps Backplane Equalizer NGG 6
LM3206TL/NOPB LM3206TL/NOPB-LM3206 650mA Miniature, Step-Down DC-DC Converter for Portable Applications YZR 8
LM4040A10IDBZT LM4040A10IDBZT-This IS The Part Number Orphan Orderables Are Assigned To. DBZ 3 I (-40 to 85)
LM4040A10IDCKR LM4040A10IDCKR-This IS The Part Number Orphan Orderables Are Assigned To. DCK 5 I (-40 to 85)
LP395Z/NOPB LP395Z/NOPB-Ultra Reliable Power Transistor LP 3 Q (-40 to 125)
MDL-IDM-L35 MDL-IDM-L35-Stellaris® Intelligent Display Module with 3.5
MDL-S2E MDL-S2E-Stellaris® Serial-to-Ethernet Module
SN65ALS544NSR SN65ALS544NSR-dummies for DWIN setup - TI-Japan MSPC Auto/PaperMedia NS 20 C (0 to 70)
TL-SCSI285KCSE3 TL-SCSI285KCSE3-Single Output LDO, 620mA, Fixed(2.85V), SCSI Active Termination, Thermal Overload Protection KCS 3 S (0 to 125)
TPS728175295YZUR TPS728175295YZUR-Single Output LDO, 200mA, Dual Level Fixed (1.75V or 2.95V) with Vset Pin YZU 5 Q (-40 to 125)

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