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C2000 2 Phase Interleaved Power Factor Correction Kit with integrated power metering

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Texas Instruments TMDSILPFCKIT

The revised 2-Phase interleaved power factor correction kit is intended for designers working on high power AC to DC rectification systems. This kit features full digital control of PFC power stage, and supports 95-260Vrms (AC) input, with a 400VDC / 700W output. Complete documentation of the kit includes schematics and users guide, as well as software packages for adaptive current control loops, non-linear voltage mode control loops, over-voltage protection, soft-start and inrush current limiting. Also included is software to implement input RMS current, voltage, power and frequency measurements.

This board achieves a PF of 0.99 at 200Khz switching frequency, and a THD of 1.5% at full load.

Calibrated Input power metering results are +/-1% from 10% to 100% load.

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