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TMDXIDDK379D-C2000 DesignDRIVE Develoment Kit for Industrial Motor Control

The DesignDRIVE Development Kit (IDDK) hardware offers an integrated servo drive design with full power stage to drive a high voltage three-phase motor and eases the evaluation of a diverse range of position feedback, current sensing and control topologies. The sophisticated sensing peripherals on the C2000™ MCU, including eight delta-sigma sinc filters, four high-performance 16-bit ADCs and eight windowed comparators, enable the DesignDRIVE Kit to support shunt, fluxgate / Hall, and delta-sigma current sensing simultaneously. For position feedback, the kit leverages Position Manager solutions integrated integrated on the C2000 MCU supporting EnDat, BiSS, T-format, A-format, incremental encoders as well as SINCOS and resolver analog sensors. In addition, customers can also explore configuration options that allow the MCU to be placed on either side of the high-voltage isolation barrier. The IDDK is supplied by a single set of 110V/220V AC mains, delivers up to 8 Amps and is rated to drive motors up to one horsepower.

DesignDRIVE is the C2000 hardware and software solution suite for many industrial drive, motor control, and servo topologies. DesignDRIVE offers support for a wide variety of motor types, sensing technologies, encoder standards, as well as functional safety topologies. DesignDRIVE also offers a C28x core optimized solution for the ETG™ EtherCAT slave stack. DesignDRIVE is ideal for the development of industrial inverter and servo drives used in robotics, computer numerical control machinery (CNC), elevators, materials conveyance and other industrial manufacturing applications.

DesignDRIVE Software is supported by the C2000 controlSUITE™ package and includes the Fast Current Loop, examples for speed and position loops, drivers for Position Manager solutions and many current sensors to help developers jumpstart their evaluation and development. In addition, the kits come with TI’s Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE), providing code generation and debugging capabilities. Watch the DesignDRIVE training series to learn more.

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