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Launchpad Evaluation Kit Bundle

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TRF7970A – Launchpad Evaluation Kit Bundle:
  • MSP-EXP430G2-MSP430 LaunchPad Value Line Development kit
  • DLP-7970ABP-TRF7970A NFC BoosterPack

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Texas Instruments TRF7970A-BNDL

This bundled solution contains the DLP Design NFC/RFID BoosterPack (DLP-7970ABP) which is an add-on board designed to fit all of TI’s MCU LaunchPads and the MSP-EXP430G2 - MSP430Value Line LaunchPad. This Bundle allows the software application developer to get familiar with the functionalities of TRF7970A NFC Transceiver IC without having to worry about developing the RF section and the example code allows reading of different Transponder Types with the Value Line MSP430.

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